Exciting New Collaboration Between Leo Cancer Care and ProtonVDA Announced.

Great news for Proton Therapy providers, Leo Cancer Care and ProtonVDA have come together to offer a state-of-the-art Proton Therapy treatment room solution that includes upright patient positioning, dual-energy CT and Proton Radiography.

The team at Leo Cancer Care is dedicated to finding a better way to deliver Radiation Therapy and making it more accessible than ever before. Leo Cancer Care has developed a unique upright positioning system that can be combined with a fixed radiation beam removing the need for large and expensive gantries. The truly exciting part of this partnership is the potential to dramatically improve the quality of imaging available at the isocenter. Achieving this standard of imaging has always been difficult with gantries but the Leo fixed beam technology allows for more space around the isocenter.

“The benefits for Particle Therapy are broadly understood but one thing we have always struggled with is range uncertainty. The pRad technology from ProtonVDA allows us to image with the Particle beam directly, reducing that uncertainty enormously and giving us the confidence to use the Particle beam to its full capabilities. The Leo Cancer Care fixed beam technology provides the perfect platform for the implementation of this technology which would be incredibly difficult to realise with a traditional gantry-based system. We are incredibly excited to be progressing the future of Particle Therapy together with our partners at ProtonVDA.”

Stephen Towe, CEO at Leo Cancer Care

ProtonVDA’s pRAD System is an electronic portal imaging device that measures proton stopping power which can dramatically reduce the magnitude of uncertainty margins arising from range inaccuracies in Proton Therapy. Utilising the same particles for imaging and treatment simplifies treatment procedures and eliminates photon to proton conversion errors.

“The idea of using proton imaging to directly measure proton stopping power in patients has been a subject of research since the start of Proton Therapy.  With research funding from the National Cancer Institute and a commercial partnership with Cosylab, ProtonVDA has developed a prototype clinical Proton Radiography system.  We are thrilled to be integrating this technology with the Leo patient positioning system and to be bringing this new imaging modality into clinical use for the first time”.

Fritz DeJongh, CEO at ProtonVDA

Both businesses share a common goal, to transform Proton Therapy through the development of innovative technology that improves treatment accuracy and delivers better medicine.

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